1. Before and After Pics with Client's Permission​

  Before and 2 weeks After  

  Botox Voluma Juvederm                 

Note the uplift of her entire face, elongated and nasolabial lines  , client also had 1 syringe of​ Voluma in the cheeks and 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.

The client will be seen in 4 months for botox treatment , will be seen in 9 months for  1 syringe of juvederm, as the voluma in the cheeks will last 1 year of more. She will maintain the "fresh look" by returning within 4 months, as time goes on the body forms collagen in the areas that we have placed the fillers and her time with lengthen that she will need to have further fillers! The cost for Botox was 600.00/ Juvederm 560.00/Voluma 620.00.

   Before and 3 Weeks After    

   Botox for Gummy Smile and

   Lip Flip         

 Note after the botox , the gummy s​mile was gone , her teeth appear shorter because the gums are not exposed, she also had a small amount of botox for the lip flip ( which is subtle), but the next appointment she has decided that she wants a little more for the lip flip as she loved the results. The cost for this entire procedure was 100.00 , will last for 4 months.